Vera's sire Wibe 402 is a beautiful stallion with a noble head, forward movement and lots of hair! His offspring are horses which show much racial type by beautiful heads and royal being. They are proud horses.

Wibe 402 is no longer a breeding stallion, he did not produce many offspring they are a small treasured few!
Wibe 402 was a 1st Premie Stallion

WALk:6.7 Trot:7.3 Gallop:6.3 Riding Test:6.7 Driving Test:7.5 Pulling Test:7.3 Show driving:7.0 Willingness:7.3

FPS Friesians & AHA Arabians
Vera S.R.

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Born-March 06th, 2006
Sire- Wibe 402
Dam- Loes fan it Reitfield  (1st Premie Ster mare)
Damsire- Hearke 254 Preferent
inbreeding coeffient- 2.15%

Gabriel Of Black Rose Friesians- 2010 Colt RIP
Jazara Of Black Rose Friesians-2011 Filly

Vera is full papered

Vera is a exquisite 2006 mare, at 16.2hh she carries herself with so much presence.  Vera is a very sweet mare that loves people and getting all the attention. She is very fiery and loves to work!  Carrie has been ground training Vera and has recently started her under saddle.  Vera is showing exceptional promise and we are very proud of her progress.   
Pictures don't do her beauty justice!

In-foal to Spearmint Rhino Friesians Maiko 373 Sport for 2012
Vera at the 2010 Temecula, Ca Keuring Photo by Marc DiLeo
"Let us help make your dreams come true!"
About Vera's Bloodlines
Vera's dams sire Hearke 254 Sport Preferent  was one of the most influential and respected approved stallion in the history of the FPS. He is sire of 1,087 offspring, 9 approved sons- Rients 270, Reitse 272 Preferent, Tys 274, Gerlof 294, Dirk 298, Ids 300, Ouke 313, Warn 335, Atse 342.  Hearke 254 Sport Prefernt  is also the dam sire of 9 approved studbook stallions- Lute 304, Remmelt 323, Abe 346, Fede 350, Onne 376, Tonke 391, Tjesse 400, Wisse 408 and  Dries 421.  He sired 19 Model daughters, and 55.7% Star offspring. 
He was a Grand Champion Stallion, both at the Stallion Show and eight times Grand Driving Champion in Sjees competition.

Wibe 402 a son of the preferent stallion Oege 267 also know as the "hair" man,  he was know for passing on beautiful heads, long hair, and a strong willingness to work.  Oege 267 Preferent produced the following approved stallions- Ritse 322, Remmelt 323, Tieme 330, Anton 340 Sport Jitse 361, Lolke 371 and Wibe 402.

Wibe 402's dams sire is the famous  TSJERK 328 Preferent a sire known for his modern structure, excellent movement and outstanding ability to sire an extremely high percentage of 1st and 2nd premie offspring.
Lammert 260 Preferent a Dutch Grand Champion himself, was the first Friesian stallion to show at the highest level dressage in Holland. He was of the rare Age line and was Tetman free.  Lammert was also FPS champion stallion in 1981, 1983 & 1984 and was Res. Champion in 1982 & 1985. Lammert produced 5 approved sons- Wypke 277, Frans 289, Gaije 295, Meier 307, Jelle 368 and has a high percentage of Star and Model mares. These daughters have produced 8 approved sons

Vera's sire Wibe 402
Oege 267 Preferent
Tsjerk 328 Sport Preferent
Hearke 254 Sport Preferent
Hearke 254 Sport Preferent

Vera's dam is 1st Premie STER Mare, Loes fan t Reitfield,  (Hearke 254 Sport Preferent x Lammert 260 Preferent)  Loes is full sister to Approved stallion Atse 342.  Loes performed an incredible ABFP test in 1998. She received the scores: walk 7.5, trot 7.7, canter 7, riding test 7.5, driving test 7.5, pulling the sled 7.5, Stable behavior 8.5, willing to work 8!!!

Her motherline is loaded with STER predicates!  she has 22 STER or better predicates on her papers--all  dams are STER or better in her pedigree!!!

About Vera's Dam Loes fan't Reidfjild
Lammert 260 Preferent
Lammert 260 Preferent
Pictures of Vera
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