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Maverick is a Quarter Pony now in his early 20s and still going strong,  was the little guy that got Sheri back into horses, and he was Carrie's first horse. We got him for in 2004. He was the first horse Carrie learned to ride on, care for,  and love.  He has taught all of us so many priceless lessons.  
"Let us help make your dreams come true!"

Maverick is a retired gymkana show pony, he won quite a few saddles and ribbons before we got him. He also showed western and participated in many parades.  He has some english training. His loves going places and trail rides.

Although he is still rideable he spends most of his time babysiting the foals or hanging out with our Arabian Stallions, Bens Legacy or Bens Royale Aire. Maverick has been and continues to be a great teacher for not only us but also other horses, raising and teaching good behavior and herd manners for our foals after they're weaned.
Carrie and Maverick  December 2010
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